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Hades Arm 5" 6mm

Hades Arm 5" 6mm

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Unleash the potential of your flight with the Hades Carbon Drone Frame from Odyssey Aerials, expertly designed for the elite drone freestyle enthusiast. This frame stands out with its robust 5-inch arms crafted from premium 6mm thick carbon fiber, ensuring unparalleled durability and stiffness.

The Hades model is engineered for agility and speed, featuring a streamlined design that minimizes air resistance and maximizes responsiveness. With its lightweight construction, this frame provides optimal power-to-weight ratio, enhancing your drone's performance in competitive racing scenarios.

Installation is a breeze with the user-friendly design, allowing for quick assembly and easy maintenance. The frame supports various electronics setups, offering flexibility for custom builds. Whether you are diving into tight corners or speeding through challenging race tracks, the Hades Carbon Drone Frame is built to offer superior control and stability.

Elevate your racing experience with the Odyssey Aerials Hades Carbon Drone Frame — where innovation meets performance.

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